Cutting on Your Cigarettes or Quitting for Good?

What if instead of quitting smoking for good you simply cut down on your cigarettes? You still enjoy the pleasure of smoking while keeping your health safe from the harmful effects of smoking. Sounds great, but this is NOT the case.

Doctor in uniform breaks cigarette, quit smoking concept, isolatThere is no such thing as “safe smoking”, and the truth is “cutting down” instead of quitting for good to protect your health simply doesn’t work! Studies would even caution you on this. Cutting on your cigarettes instead of quitting – actually worsens your nicotine addiction. Studies revealed that:

  • Smokers tend to take more “drags” from every stick when they cut on the number of cigarettes they smoke within the day.
  • Smokers also tend to inhale the smoke deeper into their lungs and hold it longer. This means you’ll end up taking the same quantity of nicotine and chemicals regardless of the fact that you have smoke fewer cigarettes. This is also true, when you switch from regular cigarettes to mild or light cigarettes.

Also, studies revealed that smoking light cigarettes:

  • Does not reduce your health risks from smoking,
  • Does not lead to quitting smoking,
  • Does not reduce the risk of heart disease and lung cancer, and
  • Exposes smokers to the same amount of tar or carbon monoxide as regular cigarettes do.

If you’ve been smoking for the past decade, chances are you know how hard it is to quit smoking. Nevertheless, it is always possible for you to quit smoking for good – many have done it, and you can do it too!

And the best thing is, if you quit smoking now, your body starts to repair itself as soon as 2 hours after your last stick.

  • Nicotine is flushed out of your body 2 hours after your last cigarette.
  • After 12 hours carbon monoxide is removed in your blood stream.
  • After 2 months, your blood flow improves, especially in the arm and leg area.
  • After 3 months your lungs start to repair itself. Your stamina improves as well.
  • Years after you quit, your risks of cardio vascular diseases and cancers decreases. This means you’ll have more years to enjoy life.
  • Quitting smoking also improves your sense of taste, smell and touch. Your skin will look more radiant and healthier. The smell of tobacco and cigarette smoke also disappears.

Well, quitting smoking also saves you a lot of money, which of course you can use to either pamper yourself or spend it to something more beneficial for you. To give you an idea, try to compute how much money you spend cigarettes in a week, in a month, and how about in a year? Maybe it’s enough to pay a trip abroad or to buy a new home theater.



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