Quitting Smoking This 2015

Leaving the old year behind and starting a new one motivates most of us to try and start a clean slate. Making a lifelong change is done with great vigor and enthusiasm. And if you’re among those who would want to start their year without cigarette, you may want to learn what it takes to be a successful quitter. Below are 12 tips how to quit smoking for a new year.

New Years Resolutions ListCast your fears. Smokers are well aware of that gut-twisting fear that comes when the quit date arrives. You suddenly feel that lingering doubt if it’s really a good idea to quit smoking. Don’t let fear overwhelm you before you even get started. Throw that last cigarette and push through. Great rewards await you for your efforts.

Make a quit smoking journal. Start making a quit smoking journal. List your reasons for quitting as well as your smoking triggers. This will help keep you on track.

Find your support group. Having people around you that support and wish your success greatly contribute to your success. Your support group becomes your source of encouragement and strength comes the rough times.

Eat healthy. Quitting smoking puts your body temporarily on a shock as the chemicals are drawn out of your body. It induces a couple of symptoms that would make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let yourself loading up on calories, instead choose the food you eat. Pack on greens and fruits.

Drink lots of water. Water help flush the toxins out of your body and curb your cravings. The more hydrated your body is, the better you can manage the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Get quality sleep. Your body is recovering. And most of the healing happens when you’re asleep. Get a full 8 hour sleep as much as you can. Rest gives you the energy to deal better with the symptoms of quitting smoking.

Get your body moving. Start a more active lifestyle. Choose something that you love doing. Get a new sports, hit the gym, and stick to it. Keeping yourself active help minimize weight gain and boosts your endorphin level – your feel good hormone.

Inspire yourself. Build your determination by inspiring yourself every day. Celebrate your achievements and reward yourself.

Learn everything you can. Don’t be ignorant about the dangers of smoking. Remove your biases and try to learn everything you can about the dangers of smoking and you can deal with them. This is a good start to shift your mind to a healthier life and be able to quit successfully.

Accept instead of rejecting. Don’t fight the cravings, instead accept them as they come. Let them pass as they are part of your recovery. Think of it as a sign that your body is healing. Cravings normally last 3 to 5 minutes. If you can learn how to handle them during this period the better you can deal with them.

Avoid being a junkie thinker. Don’t feel sorry to yourself for not being able to smoke, instead be proud of yourself. You’re choosing a healthier path and you have nothing to be sorry about it. Keep yourself positive at all times, don’t sabotage your efforts.

Be patient. You don’t quit smoking in just a day. It is a process of replacing your habits with a new and healthier ones. Each day brings you closer to your goal. Patience will bring you to that glorious moment when you no longer crave for a cigarette and have freed yourself from the chains of nicotine addiction.

Make this year a healthier and happier year for you and your family by quitting smoking for good.



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