10 Deadly Sins When You Quit Smoking

The misconceptions regarding the process of quitting and the nature of nicotine addiction often set smokers to a sure failure. Educate yourself on what to expect when you quit and create a perfect quit program. Below are 10 deadly sins you may want to avoid when you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking NowImpatience. You want it to be over in a month and you want it on your first try. If you have this mind set, you’re sure to fail. Quitting smoking is a process. Every decision, every action has an effect on whether you succeed or not. Rushing through the process only draws you closer to failure. Take one little step at a time. Accept the process, and let it pass.

Thinking ahead. You’re worrying too much about not lighting a cigarette again in your lifetime. If you’re this person, you’ll easily fall into a relapse. Why not focus your attention on the present. By doing so, you’ll have a better shot on quitting, as you can little by little deal with nicotine withdrawal better and better as days pass.

Pessimism. Your success starts from your mind. Thinking of the negative even before you start on your quit will not bring you far. You already failed even before you set a foot. Keep your eyes on your goal and stop for nothing. Accept the changes you’re about to face and deal with it.

Not taking care of yourself. Your body requires extra care especially on the first few weeks of your quit. Eating a balance diet, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and drinking lots of water are some of the important things you need to do to help your body recover faster.

Drinking alcohol. Your first few weeks are the most crucial and you’re at the most vulnerability. Drinking alcohol at this stage may lead to a relapse. Drinking alcohol may trigger you back into smoking. To avoid this, you may want to abstain first from alcohol and avoiding situations where you can’t say no to drinking. This includes skipping Saturday nights with friends.

Masochism. Quitting smoking is stressful enough. You don’t have to make it more difficult for you. Find a way to relieve your stress and don’t forget to reward yourself for your efforts. Look for a hobby that you enjoy most, or find time to spend a few hours in the spa to pamper yourself. A warm bath before bedtime helps lessen your stress for the day.

Taking things too serious. Everyone has his or her bad day, and you’re not an exception. It’s part of quitting smoking and it’s the way of life. Learn to accept it and let it pass or at least learn to ignore it. Feeling so burden up is a good excuse for pampering yourself.

Doing it alone. Holding yourself locked in a box in an unknown island somewhere in the planet will not help you in anyway. Ask for help. Tell your friends and family that you’re quitting and seek their support. Quit smoking support and counseling services are also available. Things will be much easier for you if you’ll have someone to lean on.

Romancing a stick of cigarette. Thinking of lighting a stick of cigarette? Think again. This kind of thoughts can lead you to failure. Don’t even try keeping a pack of cigarettes anywhere near you or even keeping your old lighter. This are great threats to your effort. Cut anything that connects or make you think of smoking. Keep yourself away from any temptation.

Forgetting your reasons for quitting. Don’t go astray. Always remind yourself of the reasons why you wanted to quit smoking. Doing so may weaken your resolve. Keep your list handy.

Quitting smoking is a long journey. And like every journey, no matter how far or long, in time you’ll reach your destination. Just have the patience, keep your body healthy, and have the right mind set and you’ll be okay.



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