Establishing Healthy Habits after Giving up Cigarette

It is very important to build up healthy habits after quitting smoking. When you successfully quit smoking you should be optimistic in many ways and establish healthy habits to stay cigarette-free for the rest of your life.

Habits written on multiple road signHere are seven healthy habits you need to develop after you quit smoking:

  1. Strong determination. Strength of the mind and self-control practice is very important to stop cigarette urges. If you learn to control yourself from bad habits and you have the willpower to reject cigarette then you will be able to abandon smoking for good.
  1. Sleep 7 to 8 hours every day. Sleep troubles are common side effect when you are quitting smoking so it is essential to have enough sleep. Quality sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health.
  1. Exercise regularly. After quitting smoking, you will experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as; irritability, sleep disturbance, depression symptoms, poor concentration and intense cravings for cigarette. So you need to have a regular exercise to ease all the symptoms caused by quitting smoking.
  1. Make regular eating as your habit. Make regular eating as your habit because when you quit smoking, foods become take most part of your life. It is because you need something to turn to when you are experiencing cigarette cravings. Choose to eat the best foods like nuts, seeds, berries, grapes, celery, etc. Do not eat candies and chips instead chew some sugarless gum, a great alternative for cigarette. Remember, tobacco kills taste buds and so food will become tastier once you quit smoking.
  1. Beware! Moderate weight is the best. When you are quitting smoking you are gaining weight. Quitting cigarettes help you gain weight for some reasons. You will feel hungry and you will eat more than usual. Worse, you may favor foods with more fats and sugar. All of these may cause you to gain more weight. Too much alcohol can backfire too.
  1. Don’t skip breakfast. Eating breakfast is very important for quitters. It can give you energy and focus, which you need to keep going throughout the day. Eating delicious and healthy breakfast can make lighting up in the morning unlikely.

One very important thing you should know is to understand that this change is not easy. These changes will depend on your readiness and how you value the importance of being smoke-free healthier and happier.



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