The Best Food for Quitting Smoking

Fruits and vegetables are the best food to help you from quitting smoke. If you only eat the most of these foods you’ll be free from tobacco three times during your quitting and you become less dependence in nicotine and this is great!

Fruit and vegetables on Boqueria market in BarcelonaEating fruits and veggies can be the best maintenance for tobacco-free lifestyle. According to the Medical Center’s study, the taste of foods affects the desire to smoke. It is because these foods don’t make cigarettes taste better rather, it make cigarettes taste worse. Cold milk and other dairy products make cigarettes taste bad while meat, alcohol and coffee makes cigarettes taste better. A new study in Journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research looked that eating fruit and veggies are not only best in quitting but best staying smoke-free as well. So it is advised to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

There are 6 easy ways to eat more fruits and vegetables to boost up your quitting:

  1. Start early. Eating early in the morning is better to obtain the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables. This will help you quit cigarettes especially if you love smoking in the morning.
  1. Don’t hide the fruit. Take time to prepare fruits and veggies so they are ready to eat. Make it visible to consume your family members including yourself. Always buy fruits and vegetables and set it on the table or in a place where you’re mostly love to stay. This kind of habit makes eating whole foods easier.
  1. Frozen veggies and fruits are also good. An easy prepared fruits and veggies are great! Frozen vegetables like carrots and peas are easy to prepare and keep for a long time. It is important to have frozen fruits and veggies in your house to replace your cigarette cravings.
  1. Eat more veggies at mealtime. It is suggested that half of your plate be filled with fruits and vegetables. Eating more veggies and fruits can help you quit cigarettes. This is better not only to stop your cravings but to have a healthy body and mind.
  1. Fruits and vegetable extract. You can also drink fruit and vegetable juice. Be sure that it is 100 percent pure extract. It is also good for your health and it can help you impede your cigarette cravings.
  1. Make your fruits sweets. You can use fruits as toppings on your ice cream. You can add berries on your ice cream or sundae to make it more attractive and more appetizing. Fruits as toppings without added sugar are better than something else like chocolate sauce with so much sugar. You can also use fruits to make a smoothie. It is best to have our fruit sweet enough for our taste buds. This kind of eating habit will help you stop cravings.

Increasing your consumption of milk, dairy products, fruits and vegetables can really make cigarettes taste worse and offers an implausible health benefit. Adding whole fruits and veggies into your diet is the right thing to do. Not only because it can help you in quitting smoking, but these colorful whole foods can also boost your overall health.



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