10 Lessons Relapse Will Teach You

Quitting smoking is no easy task. More often smokers trying to quit would end up smoking again after a few weeks. But aside from the failure, there is more to learn from a relapse. By identifying, re-evaluating, and learning your mistakes you can strengthen and improve your subsequent attempts. Below are 10 lessons relapse will teach you.

Don’t stop learning new things. Continue to gather new information. Continue reading informative materials about quitting smoking and communicate with your support group. Don’t just rely on trial and error.

Don’t forget to invest in yourself. If you want to be successful in your quit, take care of your body, mind, and spirit, regardless. If you have a healthy and strong body, resolute mind, and unyielding spirit the better you can handle the stress of quitting.

Don’t rush. Quitting smoking is a series of processes. You don’t skip or move too soon to the next step if you want to succeed. This is a common pitfall for most smokers which can form new problems like substituting a bad habit with another.

Don’t go into something without a solid plan. Prepare yourself for the worst by planning ahead of time. You’ll encounter several challenges along the way. Some would be easy, some would test your determination. Have at least two backup plans.

Don’t expect a smooth road ahead. Your journey to a nicotine-free life has its peaks and valleys, often you go rough, but in the end of the road is freedom. Give yourself an extra push. Soon you’ll find yourself far from where you started.

Don’t let momentary lapse discourage you. You’re close to lighting up that cigarette again, don’t let yourself be taken away by the situation. Get right back in track. Take an immediate action to recover fast.

Don’t think small actions won’t count. Reducing one shelf of unhealthy snacks in your pantry can help cut that extra calorie intake in your diet. Also, throwing away that lighter, would make smoking more inconvenient. Little steps later will take you miles.

Don’t let your emotions sabotage your efforts. Emotional stress is among the high risk factors when quitting. Be vigilant and prepare yourself for this kind of situation. Keep yourself inspired and motivated.

Don’t let your learnings go into waste. Your learnings are useless if you don’t put them into actions. Have you applied what you have learned recently? If you haven’t then your learnings are nothing but simply thoughts.
Don’t treat relapse as a total failure. It’s only human. But failure without learning won’t take you far in your journey to a nicotine-free life. Learn from your mistakes but never do them twice. Make it your foundation in your next attempt. Use it in your advantage and don’t let it pull you down and lay all your efforts to waste.

Few smokers are successful in their first attempt. This is normal. But this must not discourage you or make it as an excuse. Quitting smoking may be difficult, but practice makes perfect.



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