Why Yoga is A Good Idea When Quitting Smoking

Most smokers would agree that quitting smoking is among the hardest things for them to do. Once absorbed in the system, nicotine influences almost every inch of the body, making it difficult for smokers to deal with the sudden drop of nicotine in the blood – thus the withdrawal symptoms.

Portrait Of Female Yoga Hands At The BeachWhile there are several smoking cessation aids available in the market today, quitting remains difficult for some. And if you’re among those people who tried using these products but to no avail fails and go back to smoking, then you may want to try Yoga as an alternative to help you quit more successfully.

Yoga is an olden form of exercise that traces its roots thousands of years ago in India but is still practiced around the world today. There are Yoga positions that can help smokers quit by practicing them on a daily basis. Breathing exercises or pranayama is a very helpful for someone trying to quit smoking as it help calm and relax the body and spirit. It can help you gain control over stressful situations or when you experiences panic attacks or a strong urge to smoke. These exercises also include core or abdominal drills to make it easier for you to breath in oxygen and fill your lungs. What is more amazing about Yoga is that you feel energized and healthier without exposing your body to unnecessary stress.

However, you must not get confused of the different types of yoga, as not all of them can address your need. For instance, Bikram Yoga can help you in losing weight and it does not use meditation and repose, but gives your body a good exercise that triggers the release of endorphins, a feel good hormone. It is noteworthy that every person has unique experience and needs. This is the reason why quitting smoking is quite complicated as there is no the same treatment for two people, there might be some similarity but never the same.

You may need to try different Yoga exercises before you can finally find the right practice for you that fits your needs and preferences.

Another very important thing you need to remember if you decide to practice Yoga as quit smoking aid is to practice it under proper supervision. A certified Yoga instructor can guide you, especially when executing asanas or positions. Yoga follows a strict and precise execution of movements. Doing it on your own may not be as effective as if you have someone to personally monitor you. So it is best that you find someone qualified to teach yoga or you can find a yoga buddy who has considerable experience.

Quitting smoking may require more than just your will to quit. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are sometimes just too strong to fight. But if you can find the right smoking cessation aid or treatment for you, whether its natural remedies, prescription drugs, or NRTs, quitting smoking will be much easier than you expect it to be.



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