What Quitting Smoking Can Teach Us

Smoking changes you as person and as a member of the society. These changes are so subtle that they often go unnoticed, and over time, you become a totally different person. And what you don’t realize, it’s the cigarettes that are to be blamed.

Stop smokingAnxiety and stress are two of the most common problems among smokers. You often thought that it was the result of the increasing pressure at the office, or perhaps because of unsettled financial issues. In fact, you thought its part of the daily life.

Nicotine addiction has taught you several things, and not one of them are good. It taught you to avoid confronting the issue head on by hiding behind the smoke. When you’re confronted by a stressful situation, you lit a cigarette to think things over, and on the last puff you often decide to simply let it go, which is sometimes not a very good decision.

Smoking is teaching you to settle for something that is less by avoiding the real issues. It teaches you to be weak, to feel powerless to say no to smoking. It tells you that you cannot move on without cigarettes. And on the back of your mind there’s a constant nagging telling that smoking kills you bit by bit on every puff. And this sends you into a constant subtle turmoil within.

Now that you have broken the chains of nicotine addiction, now that you have finally put the blinders off, you begin to understand how smoking have changed your life, how you see yourself and others. And you begin your journey to true freedom.

And this journey will teach you a lot of important lessons, some will be easy, some will be hard but nonetheless they’re all worth it.

Quitting smoking teaches you not to settle to something that is less than you deserve. Nicotine addiction leads you to a destructive behavior that affects every other aspects of your life. And now that you have quit smoking, positive changes begins to happen.

Exercising and eating healthy foods becomes important part of your daily routine. You start to gain better focus on your life and you begin to become aware of the people around you.

You begin to treasure, nurture, and value more your relationship with your family and friends, and let go of others. As a smoker, you often neglect them and see more of yourself. Life is too short to waste. Now you know the true value of your family.

Quitting smoking puts your life back into motion. Setting you on the right track towards a healthier and happier life. It helps you focus and sets your goal towards a more successful and fulfilling life with your family and loved ones.

Quitting smoking teaches you to live one day at a time. It teaches you patience, persistence and time. It teaches you to value life, family and friends, and yourself, among others. Stay smoke free, never look back, and live a happier life.



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