Myths About Quitting Smoking and the Facts Behind Them

Most smokers have tried quitting thinking that they can complete it in a matter of weeks or in a month at most. And when the urge to smoke hits them, they started smoking again. While most of the withdrawal symptoms are gone after a few weeks, breaking free from the habit of smoking and getting over the emotional attachment you had with cigarettes may take longer time, and in some cases it is a lingering nightmare.

Quitting smoking is a process.

Let’s try to take a look at some of the most common mistaken beliefs about quitting smoking that can hinder your success.

Myth: It’s already too late to quit.

The only time you can tell that it’s too late for you to quit is when you’re 6 feet under. Twenty minutes after the last cigarette, your body starts to undo the damages smoking has done to your body, and continue for years to come. Your body is unbelievably tough, and while not all damages can be repaired, much of the healing is possible

So regardless of your age, it is still possible for you to quit and greatly benefit from it.

Myth: One cigarette won’t hurt your quit program.

For most smokers, lighting just one cigarette after quitting can lead back to smoking. For a nicotine addict one stick is enough to hook him back to the old habit of smoking. A few puff is sufficient enough to awaken his lust for nicotine. And sadly, people who fall into a relapse would need years before they can go back to quitting.

One cigarette can ruin all your effort. To be safe, as much as possible, avoid and stay away from cigarettes.

Myth: Relapse happens with no warning.

This is totally not true. There are red flags that you are about to fall into a relapse. It always starts in your mind. Thoughts of smoking is normal as you go along the quitting process, but if it’s left unchecked, you might be in trouble.

Check your thoughts, and try to correct those that are not productive, rather than just ignoring them. Keeping your thoughts under check will help you take control of your quit program.

Myth: You’ll always miss lighting cigarettes.

You can always teach how your mind thinks. Achieve true freedom by teaching yourself to be stronger and avoid the junkie thinking. People who keep on missing smoking, often find it difficult to get over their emotional attachment to smoking. They would often see quitting as a sacrifice because they don’t totally understand and cannot let go of their attachment to smoking. They are not truly free from their nicotine addiction.

Now, the problem here is not cigarettes, it is your mind that clings to that distant past. If you want to achieve a lasting success on your quit. Change how you see smoking and cut any strings that connects you to your old habit.

Live one day at a time, and be thankful for every nicotine-free day. Don’t rush, be patient.



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