4 Ways How Smoking Affects Your Family

In every stick of cigarette you smoke, it is not only your health that is affected, your family’s health too suffers. You harm your family’s health in two ways, by inhaling secondhand smoke or the smoke you exhale, and inhaling the sidestream smoke or the smoke directly coming from burning tobacco. The latter is four times more harmful than the former. They don’t choose to smoke but are subject to the harmful effects of smoking, unless you quit smoking now.

Father Smoking A Cigarette While His Family Is Waiting For HimYou don’t give them a choice, secondhand smoke harms your loved ones. According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 lung cancer deaths, about 46,000 heart-related deaths, and thousands of asthma cases every year. Smoking at home exposes your family to higher risks of smoking-related diseases. Studies have shown, children ages 3 and older who live with a smoker have considerable amount of nicotine in their blood, enough to trigger different health problems.

Your expose your unborn child to unnecessary health risks. If wish to have a family, quitting smoking now may be a good start as smoking has a direct effect on your unborn child’s health. Studies revealed that smoking during pregnancy can lead to several health problems such as low birth weight, poor brain development, miscarriage, and even untimely death for newborns. Studies have also revealed that smoking somehow causes DNA alterations that are passed on to the next generation.

You exposes yourself to many health problems and even early death. Your family needs you and if you don’t quit smoking now, you’re exposing yourself to several health risks and even premature death. You are more likely to die younger than your non-smoking counterparts. You don’t want to leave your young wife and 2-year old child because you made the wrong decision not to stop smoking. Smokers have to constantly worry about recurring colds, persistent cough, etc. which of course affect how you spend your time with them.

You become a bad influence to your children. Most smokers started smoking even before they turn 21. If you want your children to grow healthy so they can build their own family in the future, you may want to set yourself as a good example. If you’re smoking, you’ll have a hard time convincing your children not to smoke. Chances are they too will become smokers in the near future. Worsts, they’ll start smoking even they reach 18 years old.

Quitting Smoking

If quit smoking now, you lessen your family’s risks from cigarette smoke. Quitting will not only keep your family safe from smoking-related diseases but it also ensures that they live a healthier life. Should you need help, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor and discuss your choices. You can also avail of nicotine replacement therapy and meds, and seek support from different quit smoking groups in your area.

Encourage an active and healthier lifestyle within your family. Be a true example to your children by doing what you’re preaching – exercise, eat healthy foods, spend more time with your family, and enjoy life together. Quit smoking.



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