6 Ways How Smoking Hurt Your Relationship

Smoking offers more disadvantages than mere health risks. And more often, smokers won’t realize those disadvantages until it’s too late. For some people, smoking is seen as a part of their social life, or perhaps a stress reliever, and less as an addiction that can affect the many aspects of one’s life.

Couple Argue Over Car SmokingAnd yes, smoking affects your relationships – another good reason to quit the habit.

Smoking creates disconnection between you and your partner. Nonsmokers would often complain how smokers smell. Imagine your wife cuddling you at bedtime. How hard do you think it is for her to hold you at night because your hair and your clothes smell like cigarettes? It can be very frustrating simply not cuddling on bedtime which you both sincerely loved doing. It creates a disconnection and you would often feel that want of closeness when you woke up.

Smoking brings great inconvenience your loved one. Well your partner would not want his or her clothes or furniture smelling like cigarettes. Even if your partner used to be a smoker and is used to the odor, it is still very unappealing to have the smell lingering around. Extra trips to the laundry can be very tedious but necessary. This creates great inconvenience for your partner.

You can be burdensome to your partner when time comes. Smokers need to worry about lung and heart diseases, cancers, and the least – smokers often get sick. While your hubby may be okay taking good care of you, it’s quite burdensome to deal with you if you often get colds, but could have avoid them only if you quit smoking. What more if you’re lying in a hospital bed because of a serious health problem.

Smoking wears your sexual endurance. This can be very frustrating for your partner. Smoking affects your physical activities, especially in bed. The longer you smoke the less you are likely to perform in bed, often leaving your hubby unsatisfied. This can be extremely frustrating for your partner and may send your relationship into the abyss.

Smoking may affect birth control efforts. You hear it on commercials, and your doctor may have advised you about it – women 25 years and older must not smoke while on pill. Smoking lessens the effectiveness of birth control pills, and could even cause heart problems. Even if your hubby is not smoking, she may be still affected because of secondhand smoke, which can be more dangerous.

Smoking affects your life expectancy. It’s hard to find the one you want to spend forever with. Should you be lucky to find that person, you want to make memories with that person. You want it to be long, fulfilling, and a happy life together. But if you’re a smoker, you may not have forever as you imagined it. Smoking increases your risks of heart and lung diseases, cancers, and other serious health problems. You don’t want to end your story in a premature death because of smoking.

Quitting smoking now decreases your risk of dying from smoking-related diseases. Enjoy a happy and fulfilling relationship by staying healthy and living an active lifestyle.



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