Dos and Don’ts When Helping Someone Quit Smoking

No Smoking SignYou’ve been waiting for this, and finally he decided to quit smoking. Now he’s ready, and you’re wondering what you can do to make it easier for him to quit smoking for good. Read on and learn the Dos and Don’ts when helping someone quit smoking.


  • Respect that he is in charge. It’s his journey, not yours.
  • Ask him if he wants you to check on him regularly. Check on how he’s feeling, not just if he’s stayed quit or not.
  • Let him know that you’ll always be there if he needs some encouragement.
  • Always extend a helping hand. Make it easier for him to quit by preparing the things he needs, like preparing a healthy snack.
  • Spend more time with him to keep his mind off smoking. Go out with him, watch movies together, go out for a walk, etc.
  • Step on his shoes. Try to understand him as if you were a smoker too.
  • Make your place smoke free. Strictly impose “no smoking policy” anywhere in your house.
  • Remove anything that would remind him of smoking. This include disposing all the lighters and ashtrays in your home.
  • Wash the curtains, clean the mattresses, drapes, and carpets to get rid of the tobacco smell around your home. Don’t forget to clean his car too.
  • Celebrate each of his achievements.


  • Doubt his ability to quit. He needs you to remind him that he can do it.
  • Judge him or nag about anything. This will only make him feel worse. It may even lead him to a relapse.
  • Take his crankiness personally especially during the first few weeks of withdrawal. Be more understanding and supportive.
  • Offer unsolicited advice rather simply ask how you can help him feel better or make it easier for him.

If he “slips”…


  • Remind him what he went through just to stay quit before the slip.
  • Help him remember the reasons why he wanted to quit, and help him get back on track.
  • Provide more encouragement and support.


  • Assume that he’ll start smoking again. A slip is very much common to someone who is trying to quit.
  • Be angry, nag, or make him feel guilty. Instead make him feel that you care.

If he relapses…


  • Praise him for at least trying, and for the days or months he has stayed smoke-free.
  • Assure him that you’ll always be there to help him regardless of how many times it takes before he can finally quit smoking.
  • Encourage him to try quitting smoking again and learn from the attempts he made until he succeeds.
  • Let him know that it’s only normal not to succeed in his few tries. He can even go further on his next tries.


  • Make him feel guilty and remind him every day of his failure. It will only draw him closer to his old self and far away from you.

If you want your friend, family, or significant someone to successfully quit smoking it is important that you give them your utmost support and understanding.



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