20 Ingenious Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

Everyone would agree that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. And amidst the negative effects of smoking and the constant reminder of the government, still many people continue smoking because they can’t simply quit. If you’re among those people struggling to quit the bad habit of smoking, you may want to try these 20 ingenious ways to quit smoking.

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  1. Visit your dentist. Have your teeth cleaned. Not only it removes the stains and tar from your teeth it also removes the tobacco taste in your mouth, making it easier to manage your triggers.
  2. Eat more garlic and ginger. This duo help flush the toxins out of your body.
  3. Do mountain biking. If you continue to smoke, definitely there’s no way you can do it.
  4. Create a Facebook group. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Creating a group page may give a pool of people that share the same insights as yours. It can be a good source of support.
  5. Make a wager. Challenge your smoking buddies, the first to quit in a month gets a steak dinner. The loser – pays for it.
  6. Create a blog. Tell your quit smoking story. This way you can keep your progress on track and remind yourself of the hardship and success you went through.
  7. Clean your house. Change your curtains, clean the carpet, throw the ashtrays, and don’t let anyone smoke in your home premises.
  8. Work where smoking is not allowed. Some companies have very strict rules against smoking, so try to get hired and quit smoking or get fired.
  9. Sleep when the cravings are its peak. Take a quick nap during the bad days.
  10. Play games. Keep your smart phone handy. You may want to download some of the latest games to keep you busy when you want to smoke.
  11. Be physical. Be more active. Do MMA, jiu-jitsu, or anything that will make you sweat like hell.
  12. Crack some nuts. Keep your mouth and hands busy every time you want to smoke.
  13. Test your luck in lottery. Instead of buying a pack of cigarettes why not play lottery once in a while. Who knows you’ll be the next millionaire in town.
  14. Spend some time with lung cancer patients. Sit down and listen to what these smoke-induced cancer patients have to say about smoking and how it changed their lives.
  15. View photos of long time smokers. Check out some photos of people who are lifelong smokers, see how you will look like years from now.
  16. Plan a vacation. Reward yourself for all your effort.
  17. Check out smoking disease images. Try to see what smoking does to your body from the inside. This will remind you how important it is for you to quit smoking.
  18. Gross yourself with wet cigarettes. Gather a few cigarette butts, and try to smell them to gross you out. The filthy smell of nicotine and tar may just make you hate cigarettes.
  19. Think of your children as smokers. Think of how your child would look like when smoking. If you don’t quit smoking, chances are, your child will become smokers too.
  20. Bury your cigarettes, lighter, and ashtrays. Bury your old habit by disposing everything that connects you to it. It will be very difficult for you to quit if you’ll be reminded of smoking everyday by seeing these things around your home and in your car.

Smoking is harmful and there is no safer way to smoke.  It is difficult to quit but it is never impossible to quit. Many were successful and so are you. Quit smoking now and live a happier and healthier life.



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