10 Reasons Why It’s Not Cool for Girls to Smoke

If you think smoking is cool for a 13 year-old girl, well let’s just say that smoking is as cool as getting your fingers cut in a food processor. It’s nasty and painful but that is smoking. Below are 10 reasons why it’s not cool for girls to start smoking, or if you already have, why you need to quit smoking now.

Young woman smoking electronic cigarette (e cigarette), isolatedSmoking decreases bone density. Women who started smoking in their early teens are more prone to bone fracture after menopause. This means you are more likely to break your hips when you reach the age of 40 to 50 compared to non-smokers. Also you’ll have longer recovery from bone fractures or injuries.

Smoking causes menstrual problems. If you’re experiencing painful menstruation, it will only get worse if you start smoking. Smoking causes painful and irregular periods. So if you don’t want to experience painful periods, don’t start smoking, or quit smoking now to lessen the pain you’re experiencing.

Smoking causes rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory disease characterized by swelling and pain in the joints. This condition is common among older people. However, you may experience it at an earlier age if you don’t quit smoking now.

Smoking causes cataracts. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals and compounds that can irritate your eyes. Prolonged exposure to tobacco smoke can damage the lens of your eyes. Which eventually can lead to cataracts, a condition where the lens of your eyes become foggy or cloudy.

Smoking causes gum diseases. If you think rotten and stinky gums is cool, then go ahead and light your first cigarette. Smoking has been linked to several gum diseases, which in worst cases can even lead to tooth and bone loss.

Smoking causes ulcers. When toxic chemicals and compounds find their way in your stomach they can really mess around. Research suggests that smokers suffering from gum disease are also at risk of ulcers which in worst cases, can lead to premature death.

Smoking delays healing. If you’re a smoker and you’re getting a surgery, chances are you have lower survival rate than non-smokers. And if you do survive, you are more likely to suffer from after-surgery complications and poor wound healing. Smoking does a lot to your body, including messing your body’s natural capability to heal itself.

Smoking causes early menopausal. So as they say, smoking ages your body very fast. And if you start smoking today, you may just experience menopausal 10 years earlier than non-smokers. And not only

That, smoking also causes menopausal symptoms to be more painful and uncomfortable.

Smoking affects fertility. If you have future plans of having your own family, then better not light that cigarette, or better quit as early as today. Women who started smoking at early age are more likely to experience difficulty getting pregnant. To make it even worse, if you do get pregnant, there is a bigger chance that you’ll lose your baby even before it is born. Researches show that women who smoke are at higher risk of sudden infant death or SID.

Smoking affects lung growth and capacity. Studies suggest that the lungs continuously grow until you reach adulthood. But if you smoke while in your teens, chances are your lungs won’t fully mature compared to non-smokers. Even at an older age, smoking causes your lungs to work poorly.

These are only ten of the reasons why young girls like you must avoid smoking. Smoking causes a lot more damage to your body than the ones listed above, from drying your skin (this means you’ll look older and uglier too than girls of your age), bad breath, to cancer, heart disease, and more. So make your stand today and say NO to smoking. Remember it’s more “cool” to be a non-smoker.



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