Why Quitting Smoking Makes You More Attractive

Don't SmokeThere’s no doubt that quitting smoking is hard, but once you do, you don’t only become healthier, but more desirable too!

Quitting smoking makes your skin clearer and younger-looking. Your skin is a reflection of your lifestyle. It tells what you eat and drink.

A smoker is more likely to look wrinkled, have stained teeth and nails, have dull hair, receding gums, and they look older than their age. Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen and collagen, making your skin look dull and wrinkled. Collagen keeps your skin elastic.

Quitting smoking refreshes your skin as it better supplied with oxygen and nourished with nutrients.

Quitting smoking brings back the brightness in your eyes. Smokers are most likely to have red and tired-looking eyes due to continuous exposure to cigarette smoke and other irritants.

If you’re suffering from hay fever or other allergic eye disorders, even passive or secondhand smoke can irritate your eyes and worsen your condition. People that are sensitive to smoky environment can easily get irritated and suffer from itchiness.

If you want to have a healthier and younger looking skin, you may want to quit smoking now, eat foods rich in anti-oxidant, vitamins, and minerals.

Quitting smoking makes your teeth look whiter. Tar stains your teeth and it’s hardly appealing. Quitting smoking gives you a healthier, and whiter smile – and fresher breath too!

Quitting smoking gives back your lost energy. Quitting increases blood flow in your body and improves your lung’s capacity. In a few weeks walking and climbing stairs becomes much easier. In 9 months’ time, the oxygen level in your blood improves and allows you to play your favorite sports like before.

Your brain performance improves as well, as it is better supplied with oxygen. You can better concentrate and remember things more easily.

Quitting smoking improves your performance in bed. Yes, that’s right. Quitting smoking gives you better sex. Survey suggests that nonsmokers are 3 times more attractive to potential partners than their smoking counterparts. Most individuals prefer kissing nonsmokers as they smell fresher and have fresher breath too. Quitting makes you more attractive as you’ll look fresher and healthier.

Men who quit smoking are more like to last longer in bed, as blood flow in the penis is increased. And women experiences better orgasm, as their sensitivity improves.

Quitting smoking makes food tastes better. Without nicotine messing with your sense of taste and smell, food tastes better. However, this may lead to overeating. When your cravings hit, you may want to keep healthy snacks handy. Avoid eating sugary and salty snacks. Fruits and food low in calories are good substitutes. Also, avoid alcoholic drinks while in your quit program.

Quitting smoking keeps your stress level low. Studies suggest that stress level drops after you quit smoking, as you’ll no longer feel the nicotine withdrawal symptoms in between cigarettes.

Smoking relieves your cravings for a short period of time, and soon strikes again, and the cycle goes on. The longer you smoke the shorter the interval becomes. And the more stressed you become.

Also quitting smoking improves your immune system. You are less likely to catch colds and flu.



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