5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Much Happier If You Quit Smoking

Smoking not only makes your skin dry and dull, stains your teeth, or makes your clothes smell like hell. It also affects how you feel about yourself, how you see others and how you relate with them. And often times, this causes you to feel sad and dissatisfied. Below are 5 reasons why you’ll be much happier after you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Concept.You’ll have better sleep. Quality sleep makes you feel more lively and happy. Studies revealed that smokers are 4 times more likely to feel unrested even after a long night sleep. Nicotine withdrawal is said to cause sleep disturbances. Without cigarettes, you’ll have better sleep and your body can fully recover for tomorrow’s activities. You’ll have more energy for your favorite sports and more time with your love ones.

You’ll be less stressed. Studies suggests that smokers experiences less stress after they quit smoking. If you think that working extra hours at the office or working on extra paper works stresses you to the brim, you may not know it but smoking stresses you without you even knowing it. Nicotine addiction causes stress as your body experiences nicotine withdrawal symptoms in between cigarettes. The longer you smoke, the interval becomes shorter and the more your body becomes stressed. So the tendency is for you to light to feel better. But the relief or “feel-good sensation” is only temporary and your body becomes stress until you light a cigarette again, and the cycle continues. Quitting smoking breaks this chain that binds you. Once you’re able to break the habit you’ll be much happier as your body no longer feel the stress brought by nicotine withdrawal.

You’ll have more dining options locally and abroad.  If you’re planning to visit France, and England you need to quit your cigarettes now, as strict policies against smoking are being implemented in these exciting destinations. Restaurants and bars are 100% smoke-free in these destinations. Also, you get to enjoy more local dining destinations as you are no longer restricted by the “no-smoking” policy.

Furthermore, your senses of smell and taste improves after you quit smoking. You get to enjoy more the food thus you get better dining experience.

You’ll have more dates and less likely to get dumped. Statistics revealed that more than half of the dating population would not date a smoker.  Not because you are less caring or loving but because you are less physically attractive to your opposite sex. Don’t forget, “most” relationship starts in physical attraction. So if you want to get more dates, and avoid being dumped start by throwing those cigarette sticks and begin a healthy and active life style.

You’ll have better sex. Quitting smoking improves your body’s blood circulation, hence your sensitivity also improves. Men who quit smoking are more likely to experience better erection and performance in bed. Women may find that they become aroused more easily and that their orgasms are more pleasurable.  Also, statistics suggest that nonsmokers are 3 times more attractive to prospective partners than their smoking counterparts. You’ll look younger and fresher if you ditch those cigarettes, that’s why.



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