Smoking Can Worsen Acne, New Study Suggests

Say goodbye to a young, smooth, and good looking skin if you don’t quit smoking now. According to a recent study smoking not only causes wrinkles but it can also worsen acne and its effects on your skin.

Acne SkinAcne happens when the oil-producing glands in our skin are excessively triggered by specific hormones. The oil deposits underneath your skin creates a perfect environment for bacteria to reproduce, causing inflammation and spots on the skin. These spots can erupt and leave scars.

The research suggest that 54 percent of smokers suffer from moderate to severe acne scarring compared to only 34 percent of non-smokers. Another good reason why teenagers should avoid smoking.

Teens who smoke are more likely to have severe acne scarring aside from wrinkled and dried skin. Acne can lead to ugly spots that can rupture and damage the skin, leaving unsightly craters and holes that cause lumpy surface on the face. Picking and squeezing the spots can also cause scarring.

The research studied more than 900 patients with severe acne problems who were recommended to undergo dermatology care in the hospital. The study looked into the record of the hospital for the past 8 years.

It was observed that 91 percent of the patients, who are smokers but are not prone to acne scarring, the damage to the skin was considerably much severe.

The researchers suggests that smoking can intensify acne scarring specially in a vulnerable individual. Teenagers who smoke in particular are more likely to have scarring than their non-smoking peers. However, further study is required to affirm the findings and to better understand the triggers of this occurrence.

Acne affects a large number of the population, with teenagers topping the list with 80 percent. While majority of acne problems eventually clears off, some are leave scars which can be permanent. Affecting not only the overall appearance of the skin but as well as the emotional and psychological aspect of the person.

For some teens, acne problems can make them feel self-conscious, lowering their self-esteem that eventually can lead them to withdraw from the society. This may be another good reason for teens to completely avoid smoking or for you to quit smoking now to lessen acne problems in your teens.  Secondhand smoke can cause skin irritation to people around you. Aside from the fact that secondhand smoke or passive smoking severely harmful to one’s health.



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