Smoking Cessation Tips for People with COPD

Like other smokers, quitting smoking is your top priority, but if you’re suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) there is a great urgency.

The reason why – quitting smoking may slow down and lessen the effects of the disease on your breathing, but only if you quit permanently and soon.

Man Having Pain In ChestHow do you do it? Here’s how:

Get motivated. Being diagnosed with a chronic condition is undeniably stressful, but it can also motivate you. Use it in your favor and don’t let COPD burden your day to day life.

If you’re motivated and stayed motivated quitting smoking will be much easier for you. Don’t let the disease drag you down instead use it to your advantage. If you quit smoking your medications will work better.

Don’t give up so easily. Winning the battle against smoking is no easy job. And most smokers fear that quitting will only lead them to failure. They fear that one day all their efforts will lay into waste. But don’t let fear stop you.

Some people even take several attempts before they quit smoking for good. The key is patience. Keep trying until you finally succeed. Falling into a relapse is normal and part of the process. DO not fear it, accept it and most importantly – learn from it.

Prepare. Like any army going into battle, you need a good strategy and plan. Raw determination and quitting impulsively rarely succeed. You need a good strategy and plan to win a battle.

Set your quit date. Choose the least stressful days in your calendar. It is important as not to trigger your smoking habit and you are more likely in the mood to make the necessary changes in your routine.

Create a list. Write your reasons for quitting smoking. “Breathe easier”’ will be likely on the top.

Develop your reward system. Celebrate your progress and all efforts done. Your reward may include shopping on a weekend, watching movies, a healthy dinner in a 5 star restaurant,  or going for a long vacation abroad.

Substitute your smoking routine. List 10 things that you can do instead of lighting cigarette. When cravings hit you pick one or two from the list – walk the dog, clean the garage, call a friend, etc.

Get help. Quitting is much easier if you’re not alone. This goes in two ways. First you need to have a good support group. And second, you need to have a good smoking cessation aid. The former may include your friends, family, or a quit smoking support group. The latter speaks of nicotine replacement therapy like nicotine patches, gums, sprays, and smoking cessation medications (Chantix). Outside help increases your chance of quitting successfully.

Keep the optimism in you. Stay positive. It will help you on track both on your COPD medication and quit smoking program. It will be easier for you to accept the things you need to be done. It will be much easier to accept the new things in your life too.

 Staying positive will keep your eyes on the goal instead of blaming the past.

Do it for your love ones. If you find it still difficult to quit smoking amidst the changes you made, maybe you can do it for your new born child, for your wife who has been persistently reminding you of your health, or for your mother who has a failing health. If you cannot do it for yourself, find the reasons from your love ones.

Quitting smoking if done with the right motivation and reasons, will be much easier. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is enough to call your attention. If left untreated, it may cause your health to deteriorate. Quitting smoking is only one thing you need to do to make it easier for you to combat the disease. But it makes a lot of difference.



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