Essential Facts You Want to Know About E-Cigarettes, Before Trying It

E-cigarettes gives off more than just “harmless vapor”, new study says. E-cigarette’s vapor may contain low amounts of propylene glycol, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde and other harmful compounds according to UC San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.

While the amount and potency of the toxic chemicals are way much lower than that of ordinary cigarettes, these latest discoveries, however, slam to the face of e-cigarette companies’ claims that their products are safe and harmless just like any other quit smoking aids.Black electronic cigarette

For instance, propylene glycol can cause eyes, nose and throat irritation, and continued exposure can damage your spleen and nervous system. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that also cause eyes and respiratory harm. Acetaldehyde or the “hangover chemical,” is likely a carcinogen as well.

The findings from the new research include:

Nicotine varies abruptly between brands. In the early studies, it was found that nicotine absorption was much lower from e-cigarettes than from ordinary cigarettes, but recent studies suggest that long time users can actually draw comparable amount of nicotine from e-cigarette similar to ordinary cigarettes. Another study noted however, that the chosen e-cigarettes for the study failed for more than 30% of the participants. UCSF review suggests that this call for a stronger standards and regulations for the product.

Simply because the harmful effects of e-cigarettes are not well studied, it doesn’t make it safe. The vapor emitted by e-cigarettes are yet to be rigorously studied. It is still unclear if the extra fine particles emitted by e-cigarettes have similar toxicity and health effects compared to that of the smoke and secondhand smoke of conventional cigarettes. What we all know is fine particulate matter from cigarettes and air pollution are linked to increased risk of heart and respiratory diseases. And there are researches that suggest that the amount of fine particulate matter emitted by e-cigarettes is similar or even greater than ordinary cigarettes.

E-cigarette will not help you quit smoking, it may even lead you to smoking. Studies suggest that use of e-cigarettes as quit cessation aid was no more helpful than nicotine patch and both produced a very modest result without the help of other smoking cessation aids or program.

Big tobacco companies now have their own e-cigarettes. You would often hear companies selling e-cigarettes as a “safer” alternative to smoking. This gives big tobacco companies the flexibility to protect their market while promoting a new one all for the same interest – recruit new and younger patrons. These companies even finance smokers’ rights organizations to further their cause.

To end the cycle, the researchers suggest that e-cigarettes be banned where cigarettes are banned, and the creation of a stronger and stricter regulation on e-cigarettes. Including, regulation on e-cigarette advertisements.

E-cigarettes will hook you to smoking. The Study discovered that some teenagers were first introduced to nicotine through e-cigarettes. In fact, 20% of students from middle school and 7.2% from high school in the US use e-cigarettes. And more often these new patrons transition to regular smoking when they reach adulthood.



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