The Side Effects E-Cigarette Companies Won’t Talks About

Can you imagine yourself completing the marathon just to light up a cigarette after reaching the finish line? Or can you take it people staring at you in the gym for smoking? But what if its e-cigarette you’re smoking?

E-cigarettes offer a quick fix to your nicotine addiction without having to give up your old habit of smoking. It is also being marketed as a “safer” alternative to conventional smoking as users still enjoy the euphoric effect of nicotine minus the other harmful compounds found in cigarette smoke. But is it really “safe” to use e-cigarettes?

The answer is NO and e-cigarette manufacturers won’t talk about it.

Researchers suggest that e-cigarette vapors may contain lung irritants, and compounds that exhibit addictive properties that can increase the risk of heart and lung diseases. So how do these colorfully lit devices can actually harm your health.

Senior Man With CoughE-cigarette is bad for your lungs. While it may not contain real smoke, but the white vapor e-cigarette emits can still damage your lungs. The chemicals in this vapor can cause inflammation similar to smoking but only to a lesser effect. It may also cause severe coughing and mild mucus.

While the effects may go unnoticed to casual exercisers, athletes and gym-goers who use their lungs’ full capacity may easily notice slight changes in their stamina and ability. Additives and flavors used in e-cigarette cartridges may cause allergic reactions and may trigger asthma symptoms during strenuous activities. Also, early research suggests that vapors emitted by e-cigarettes may also increase the risk of lung cancer.

E-cigarette harms your heart. Quitting smoking is known to improve the overall fitness of a smoker. As the blood and oxygen flow becomes better your body also improves. However, if the same is true for e-cigarettes, it remains a mystery and needs to be proven.

Nicotine is known to affect the muscles particularly your heart as it constricts your blood vessels. If nicotine does this to your body, then the same is true for e-cigarettes because they deliver as much or even more nicotine into your body. And because the US government does not yet regulate or at least have stricter rules on e-cigarette manufacturing, some brands are alleged to contain higher levels of nicotine than ordinary cigarettes.

Nicotine in itself is a poison. Inhaling too much of this substance may result to poisoning. And manufacturers are not even honest on what additives they use and how much nicotine they put into their cartridges. Which of course put the users at a greater risk.

To top it all, a latest study from Brown University suggests that continued exposure to nicotine may increase the risk for atherosclerosis, a condition where the arteries harden and can lead to a heart attack.

Think of vaping the same way you think about eating fatty and high-calorie foods, double-stacked beef burger – delicious! Sure they are enjoyable and they don’t pose as much threat as other tobacco products, but they are still potentially harmful to your health.



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