E-cigarette Users May Inhale Metal, Study Says

It’s not as simple as inhaling nicotine and water vapor every time you puff your e-cigarette device. A Recent study suggest that e-cigarette vapor may contain dangerous metals.

A female is vaping an electronic cigarette

Using a high-end testing machine and microscopes, researchers discovered tiny metal pellets from the vapors emitted by e-cigarettes. The metal pellets were mostly tin, with bits of nickel and copper. This means that users may be inhaling these nanoparticles. While there are no studies to date on the long term effects of inhaling tin, there are still growing concerns among the experts on the possible negative effects of these nanoparticles as they are inclined to go deeper into your lungs. And they can easily be transported from the lungs to the bloodstream, and to the different parts of your body where they can do more damage.

The result may be attributed to the design of the devices. It is possible that the solders have gone off while using the product. As supported by the second spin test, which found no tin pellets, since the device has no joint solders. However, traces of copper, calcium and potassium were still found.

Most of e-cigarettes are manufactured in China, where the US authorities has no oversight. Making it almost impossible to monitor or regulate the type and quality of the devices. There are just too many models and designs which increases the odds of malfunction which are highly dangerous to the users. Researchers suggest more studies are needed and call for more sound regulation on e-cigarette and similar devices.

The FDA has strict regulation on tobacco products, however, this does not include e-cigarettes. This is the reason why companies can simply sell and make these devices which, of course, pose great risk to the users.

And because of the absence of clear regulation from the US government, manufacturers are virtually free to use any substances or chemicals that may enhance the marketability of their product, this may include using other addictive substances and artificial flavorings which may be harmful to the users.

On Quitting Smoking

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. This doesn’t change whether it is from conventional cigarettes or from e-cigarettes. People get hooked. If you want to quit smoking. You don’t need nicotine to get over your nicotine craving.

There is a growing number of researches that suggest that e-cigarettes are not too different from ordinary cigarettes. While it is true that e-cigarette vapor may contain lower amounts of harmful compounds compared to conventional cigarettes, the same facts remain – vaping harms your health and may sabotage your effort to quit smoking because of nicotine.

If you want to quit and be successful, there are proven and well tested smoking cessation aids that are available for you. Consult your doctor for your options. Don’t risk.



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