21 Days of Breaking the Habit of Smoking

According to research, it takes 21 days to create a habit or break one. We all know how bad smoking is, how it affects the first hand smoker and the second hand smoker, so deciding whether to quit or not is not really about dealing with convincing oneself on quitting but dealing with temptations on going back to the bad habit.

21 days without smoking or thinking about it. 21 days of finding or doing other things that will actually ease the struggle of quitting the habit of smoking.

Here are some activities that will actually help you to quit and test the 21 days of breaking the bad habit:

  • Take a lot of fluids to help you flush all the nicotine from your body. You can also go extra mile by putting mint leaves on your water. Drinking more fluids will also help re-hydrate your skin that is dried out due to smoking. Water has a lot of benefits it cleanses the body from the nicotine and other harmful toxins plus it will make the skin young-looking and fresh.
  • A detoxifying new habit that will help you perspire all the toxins out. Look for a new physical activity like running, training on a new sport or you can start by brisk walking if you haven’t been active for a longtime. Sweating all the nicotine out of your body will help you to get rid of craving more.
  • Reconnecting with nature also helps. Have some quiet time with nature, away from the busy and polluted city. A day off from work that gives stress and pressure which actually trigger another stick of cigar. Have a change of environment where you don’t see people smoking around you. Plan that vacation, it doesn’t need to be expensive, and all fancy, you just need some time off from the city buzz.
  • Start a new hobby, something that will help you be focused on single thing. Reading a new book, cooking or baking, painting, learning a new musical instrument or anything that you may be interested on for a long time but haven’t really got the chance to do in the past. If you are not into any form of art or literature, there are a lot of hobbies to choose from, just make sure that the hobby doesn’t involve having or to deal with parties or anything that can get you back to the habit that you are trying to forget.
  • Having a change of lifestyle is a big help when quitting smoking. Change the food you eat. Chopping off some of the meat and eating more vegetables and fruits will make you feel weird thinking about smoking after eating. Usually there is strong urge to smoke after a meal. Making your meal healthy and light will help.
  • Change your room’s interior or better the house designs. Change all the sheets, curtains, anything that has the smell of smoke in it. You will be surprised how relaxing it is to the eyes and you can breathe fresher air.

These are just some of the things that can help you move on from your smoking habits. Remember to always keep a positive mind and if all else fails, a lot of medical options are available. There is no harm in trying a helping yourself. Remember that the first 21 days are the hardest, so stay strong and knowledgeable on how to battle the temptations of smoking. Everything else will be easier just stay collected, Good luck!



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