Things to Consider Before You Try To Smoke for the First Time

We all know how harmful smoking is. How much it affects everyone who gets exposed to it. In spite of the constant reminders from the government on how dangerous it is, regardless how expensive it gets, the number of smokers keeps of increasing each year.

Is it the media? A really good marketing strategy of these cigar companies? Is it really a phase of each and every body’s life that you will be tempted to try and get trapped forever?

Curiosity plays a big part of it. It all starts with a curious mind, because that is human nature. We are always a curious cat. But before you try to light that cigarette and have your very first puff, here the things to consider:

  1. Your Purpose

Why are you trying? Is it because you want to try at least once in your life how it tastes and feels like? Or do you do this because you wanted to be like those cool kids smoking, like you feel more connected to the world?

Whatever your purpose may be, always keep in mind how hard it will be for you to quit someday. It I not as easy as trying and getting laughed at because you choke yourself with smoke. Consider the negative effects in your body, health concerns and also how it is going to impact your relationship with your friends, family and relatives.  There are hundreds of diseases related to smoking, mental health and relationship problems because of addiction.

  1. How Strong You are in Fighting Temptations

What is your success rate in dealing with fighting temptations? Not everyone can fight temptations as easy as everyone can swear about it. What are your past achievements in the past? Are you a person who likely to get addicted and finds it so hard or impossible to quit? Are you addicted to anything currently that you’d been trying to stay away from but seems impossible? If the answer is “ye” better pass on the idea of trying to try smoking.

  1. Health Issues

Do you have any current health problems? Do you have asthma? Any respiratory health issues? If you have, then pass. Of you don’t have any it doesn’t mean you have to say “yes” right away. You also need to consider the people you are with every day. Any one significant like family and friends that may be directly affected. Remember that second hand smoking is very dangerous too if by any chance you can’t get your way out of it, remember the people around you too. And if all is clear, keep in mind the health issues you will open yourself to. Cancer and lung problems are just the most popular smoking-related health issues, there are hundreds of diseases linked to smoking.

  1. The Changes To Happen

When you start smoking, things will change, you may not foresee it but it will. The people you mingle with, the new friends you will make, some friends may go too if they disagree with your current endeavor. Be prepared about the changes. The changes in your environment, and even with your complete choices from dining out, drinks to get that will compliment smoking restaurants that allows smoking, food choices and taste. Whether you like it or not, these changes are part of it.

  1. Quitting is Harder More Than You Think

Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do. That’s why even doctors who advises you to quit smoking still can’t get their way out. Quitting can be expensive if can’t be controlled by self-help and self-changes. It can cause real money if you have to take serious medications.



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