Second Hand Smoke: What’s the Real Deal?

Everyone knows how smoking is bad for the health of the person who smokes, and also the people around the smoker, or what we called second hand smokers.

Second hand smokers are those individuals who don’t smoke but are living with someone who smokes, or associated with somebody who smokes. Like what is mentioned, it could be that the second hand smoker is someone who lives with parents/relatives who smoke at home, and individual who is associated with people who smoke at workplace, or someone who experience being near someone who smokes in public places on a regular basis. The problem is we can’t control other people. Even though smoking is mostly not allowed in public, it is a fact that it is not totally banned, and we can’t be sure of the air we breathe every day. Second hand smokers are also placed in high risks problems because of inhaling the air that is contaminated by cigarette smoke components even though the smoker try their best to be so careful where they light their cigarettes. The point is it is going to be in the air, the air that everyone shares.

The cigarette, tobacco or pipe smoking is highly dangerous to everyone because the cigarette itself contains an estimate of 4000 dangerous chemicals, 43 of which can cause cancer or carcinogenic. Just think about the raising number of deaths related to cancer each year? The main ingredient of the cigarette e Nicotine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic, tar, formaldehyde, DDT and hydrogen cyanide. Researching about those chemicals will surely make anyone to think about saying no to smoking. Just imagine inhaling those highly dangerous components into your lungs?

Though Nicotine, the main ingredients of a cigarette smoke is not as addictive like other substances it is likewise very dangerous to the health of the smokers and non-smokers but second hand smokers too.

It is dangerous to children because these little individuals consumer more air than the adults because of their growing bodies, they can consume more of these components in the air that is contaminated by the cigarette smoke. A lot of health problems were linked to second hand smoking to children like respiratory problems or infections like pneumonia, and bronchitis. It can also trigger attacks of asthma, prolonged cough problems, and ear infections. These may sound like not an emergency but these can also lead to severe illness and even death to these little fellows. Even infants to a smoking mother, or father are also on high risk health problems. Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, premature deliveries, low birth weight, mental disabilities or learning challenges and even ADHD.

Protecting oneself from second hand smoking is a challenge because we can’t really control everyone who want to do it. The best way to get rid of this situation is making sure that everyone is aware, especially at home, about the risks they are giving themselves and the people around them. Awareness can potentially help the smoker to decide to quit smoking already. Help is available medically to quit smoking. If incase, that the smokers are someone who you don’t know and can’t talk and convince to stop, the best thing to do is to get rid of places you know to have potential smokers, like smoking areas, public places where smoking is not prohibited, clubs where people can smoke inside.

Protecting oneself from second hand smoking should be a priority, while helping those who are smoking to potential quit smoking is a responsibility to ourselves and the innocent children and people around us. Make people aware and share whatever knowledge you have, for we will never know what the smoker next to you is just needing support and more reasons to help themselves quit.



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