8 Signs You Are Likely to Succeed in Quitting Smoking

You’ve finally decided to quit. Congrats! But how do you know that you are going to succeed? Here are the top signs.

  1. You get yourself educated.

There is no better motivation and planning you can have without educating yourself as to why and how. Information is necessary to start the quitting plan. Know why you need to quit and how, and there are always help that you can get from the internet to personal interactions. There are steps and help which are necessary when you are quitting to smoke.

  1. You get inspiration from the people around you.

The people around usually are the same people who can help you to achieve success in whatever you are trying to win over. They serve as inspiration, or motivation. Why not quit for yourself and also for the people you values the most.

  1. You talk about it and share.

Smoking is related to social activities most of the time, so from the moment you decide that you want to quit talk about it to the people surrounding you, at home, at work or places where people expect you to smoke. This will help you to do their own part in their own little ways to help you get through.

  1. You plan a strategy.

There are different approach in quitting to smoke. Not everyone will have the ease at something. There are different attacks and step you can take when quitting. Some people do it gradually, some don’t. it is important to play around with strategies that will be most effective to you.

  1. You have that never-give-up attitude.

Smoking is a hard habit to break. It is expected that difficulties will be encountered a lot along the way. It is important to have an attitude to no give up on it. Try and try until you get everything right. If you are trying to quit and was successful for couple of days or months doesn’t mean that temptations won’t affect you anymore. It is important to have a never give up attitude when quitting.

  1. You learn the alternatives.

There are a lot of help one can get when trying to quit smoking. Aside from self-help you can get online, strategies, there are alternatives too. It is necessary to know these alternatives to battle smoking. These alternatives will help you to stay away from the habit you are trying to forget. Alternatives are available if you search for it and don’t forget that there are medical alternatives one can resort into.

  1. You take it easy.

It is hard to quit smoking but it can only get harder when you think that it is. You need to control the situation and to help you cope with the stress of quitting, it is “I important to hold an “I can” attitude, or “this is easy” attitude to keep things lighter. Sometimes the seriousness will add pressure to what you are trying to get through which will make things more complicated.

  1. You accept change.

To some smoking is a big part of living. Everything is related to smoking, from eating, to relaxation, to bonding with friends, handling stress, fashion and a more. To cleanse oneself to this habit means a change of lifestyle too. You don’t need to leave you work, or have a new set of friends, a change of perspective is necessary, and you can begin by changing how your room, or house, or desk looks. This will give you a fresh perspective and drive to forget and continue to stay away from smoking.



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