Are You a Smoking Mom? Here are Some Serious Risks You Face

Smoking is very dangerous to the health of the smoker and the second-hand smokers, how great risk it could be when smoking occurs during pregnancy?

As everyone knows that smoke addiction doesn’t choose age, gender, life status, or even medical condition. Smoking is highly addictive and as well as extremely dangerous especially to expectant mothers or pregnant women.

Smoking during pregnancy has been related to many health issue to the baby like, SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, low birth weight, and lung or respiratory problems.

When a pregnant woman smokes, it will cut out the oxygen that is supposed to be supplied to the unborn baby and give ways for different toxic chemicals to the mothers’ blood streams and of course will make its way going through the very vulnerable body of the fetus.

Smoking while on the stage of pregnancy can also increase the risk of premature labor, ectopic pregnancy (the fetus is outside the uterus), fetal death, miscarriage, premature rupture of the membranes.  Once a woman learn that she is pregnant, she should stop smoking immediately but of course, it is not a piece of cake. It I always easier said than done. However given the harms of smoking while on pregnancy, the risk it will cause the mother and especially the baby is scary enough to consider but not to follow.

There are ways to limit the smoking habits while on pregnancy and eventually quit smoking. The expectant mother can have it consulted to her doctor to get advises and recommendations. There are also Nicotine replacement therapy that can be used, or alternative methods that will eventually lead to permanently saying no to smoking.

Usually, when pregnant, the expectant mothers will have a change of taste to food and high sensitivity in the smell, this makes the quitting a little easier but not everyone will have this condition. There are alternative ways available which an expert can recommend because when pregnant you can’t just use any product that everyone uses. Make sure to have his consulted through an expert for safety.

While quitting smoking while on the stage is pregnancy is ideal, or most of the expectant mothers are able to quit while on the stage of pregnancy, most of the mothers resume smoking after giving birth or while on the stage of breast feeding. Even though smoking while pregnant is much dangerous, doesn’t mean that smoking after giving birth is safer. It is still not safe. Moms can pass the harmful chemicals they intake from smoking to the baby through their breast milk.  Study shows that smoking can reduce the breast milk production. Remember how important it is to breast feed the baby because of all the health and nutrition benefits it can give.  Not to mention that when mothers smokes after giving birth, whether she is breast feeding or not, the baby is still not safe from the harmful effects of smoking. The baby is vulnerable and sensitive that it can catch diseases and harmful chemicals immediately and that is through second hand smoking.

There are always some ways available to help anyone to quit smoking, this can start with a great motivation, research, self-awareness, actions and support from friends and family.



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