Quitting Smoking with Your Significant Other

A significant other, plays a big role in someone’s life. Whether the two of you are married, in a new relationship or long-time relationship, this other person plays a major part in someone’s’ life, decisions and almost everything. One can’t simply decide on something they want without considering the other half.

Smoking is a hard habit to break, it is a serious matter too because it is very dangerous to someone’s life and being.  A smoking person who happen to be in a relationship doesn’t mean that the other half is a smoker too. It could be either a combination of two smoking individuals, or one smoking and the other non-smoker.

When quitting smoking, the significant other plays a major role more than any other person that will be involved. This significant other is expected to provide all the encouragement, moral support, and motivation, almost as much effort that the smoker who is trying to quit can give.

Here are some important things that a significant other can do to help quitting smoking.

  1. Searching for facts related to smoking

Whether these facts are health related or social facts about smoking, it really pays to have knowledge about it to fuel up the drive to quit. Being educated of how dangerous smoking is will help. Research about these topics are available online, there are books too that one can refer to. Have these printed and share to your significant others, read them together, talk about it. It is not just a bonding but a meaningful bonding where both of you knows that you support each other.

  1. Plans on activities that can boost health and keep away from smoking.

Having some outdoor activities or plans out of town can relieve the pressure and help both of you forget about the stress that the two of you are going through together.

Both of you can start some fitness habit like running, planning weekend getaway and enjoy the fresh air and nature together. This is a great way to relax and feel the nature. Getting fresh air that the body and mind needed to release all the pressure and forget about the stress that quitting smoking gives.

  1. Encouraging to stay away from places where smoking is accessible

When you two have some dinner or time out of the house, plan on going to places where smoking is not allowed. Look for alternatives. There are places where people can smoke whenever they want and that’s not the right place the two of you can hang out with. Likewise, there are restaurants that are strict when it comes to smoking. Being selective with these places can help him/her to quit smoking. It always pay to plan ahead.

  1. Listen and Always Encourage

Whining about how hard it is and trying to get back to the old habit will be part of quitting because it is really a hard thing to do. As a significant other, whether you are quitting too together, or you are a nonsmoker, it is a must that one should not get tired of listening to these kind of stuff. One should be prepared for a lot of complaints and negativities. One should be prepared to encourage and continue to tell him/her that it is normal to feel uneasy and stressed out but always remind that he/she is doing a great job on quitting.



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