Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

Dr. Howell enjoys helping others enhance their health by quitting smoking. He has been helping people quit smoking since medical school. He sincerely believes that quitting smoking is the number one thing anyone can do to become healthier. 

Dr. Antonio Howell is a physician licensed in the states of Florida and New York.

For the last ten years, he worked as a US Army doctor caring for the service men and women who were fighting for our country.

He practices medicine though his online teleconsult website – instantcarenow.com.



“…what does it mean? what is it exactly? Is it real? … like if someone has ADHD is not like you have herpes, like you

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Kindle Edition

Harnessing Motivation to Quit Smoking

So you are ready to quit smoking! What’s this the third, twelfth, the one hundredth time you have tried to quit? No matter how unsuccessful you have been in the past at breaking the habit, this e-book was created to teach you the right tips to give up smoking cigarettes for good

Kindle Edition

How to Quit Smoking When You Are Pregnant

Women everywhere celebrate the day they find out the very special news they are with child. Whether the pregnancy was planned for years or if it occurred unexpectedly, the mother’s health is one of the most important priorities. Being pregnant requires the mother-to-be to do all she can to preserve her energy and promote good health. It is just as vital that the entire family do the same.