Smoking In Homes Banned by California Town

Smoking restrictions in the U.S and the world over keep getting stricter, and a California town has taken it a notch higher by banning smoking in homes. San Rafael, Calif. has placed a ban on smoking in homes where residents share common walls. The ban is applicable to apartment buildings, condominiums and multi-family residences. The […]

How Do You Say Goodbye To 443,000 People?

What is second hand smoke? It is the smoke exhaled by the smoker’s every time he puffs on the cigarette and exhales. It is also the side stream smoke that comes from the burning tip of the cigarette. There are over 4,000¬†individual compounds in secondhand smoke and 200 these are known to be poisonous, and […]

How Smoking Kills You?

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]Your first cigarette is fun, you do it to be cool, you do it because everyone says you shouldn’t, you do it because you are curious, you do it to impress others, after all what is the big deal? Tons of people do it right? But that cigarette is not your friend.- With every […]