How Badly Smoking Affects Your Health?

Even if you replace your cigarette with a pipe, hookah or cigar, you can’t keep away from the health risks linked with tobacco products. There is no safe conduct to smoke. Smoking tobacco is not helpful to your health. It is extremely dangerous.

Quitting Smoking Can Improve Mental Health

There are many people who want to quit smoking but, only few of them succeeded. Many can’t stop because they believed that smoking helps reduce anxiety and stress. However, it is really a myth. Smokers can most likely acquire anxiety disorder or depression in the long run than non-smokers. Removing cigarettes from your system produces […]

Kidney Disease and Smoking: How are they Related?

We have been reading a lot of articles, blogs and news how dangerous smoking is. It can damage the heart, lungs and nearly all major organs yet; people with kidney disease who smoke may not have considered that smoking can be the source of additional problems to their kidneys. When compared to non-smokers, studies revealed […]