Quitting Smoking – The 5 Stages of Quitting

Thousands of people attempt to quit smoking every day. Unfortunately, only a small number are able to make it. Getting rid of a negative behavior takes time, will and determination. Sometimes, it’s going to take you several tries before you finally quit smoking for good. However, by knowing the 5 critical stages of quitting, you […]

Quitting For Good – Do It the Right Way

Whether you are only a few months in smoking or you have been smoking for half your life; quitting smoking is tough. When you make the decision to quit, you are one step closer to breaking the addiction and reclaiming your body from the adverse effects that come with long term smoking. The next task […]

5 Ways to Feel Better When You Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is lifetime process that requires not only your desire to completely give up cigarettes but also your full commitment and unwavering determination to remain smoke-free. And when you decide to stop smoking, you need to endure the side effects associated with quitting tobacco. From the first day you stopped lighting up you may […]

10 Small Routine Tweaks to Help You Avoid a Smoking Relapse

Building a habit is easy, but breaking it is definitely not. It’s possible to create a habit in a few days but it may take months, even years to finally get free from a habit, especially an addictive one like smoking. Even though you have successfully quit smoking today, there’s still a big possibility that […]

Top 5 Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

Addiction, like smoking, originates from a repetition of certain activity that turned into a habit. Individuals may not have noticed it but forming the addiction or vice took a lot of stress before they got into their system. They were under pressure that the activity they decided to take on appeared to be a quick […]

Rate Your Quit Smoking Success (5 Questions to Ask Yourself)

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to help you stop smoking. They involve patches and pills, herbal remedies, medications, and so on. Quit smoking products are certainly not the same. Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is the rate of success. Your chance of quitting smoking for good does not only depend […]

4 Facts about Smoking and Concentration

Smokers have different excuses to keep lighting up despite the huge pressure from their family, friends and community to quit. One of the most common reasons is the ability of tobacco to improve their concentration. In a medical viewpoint, nothing correlates smoking with concentration. So what it is? It’s time to quash the brainwashing.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Cold Turkey

For the last 10 years, 26 states in the US have been very busy implementing indoor smoking bans and anti-smoking campaigns which cover almost half of the American population. Both the government and independent health organizations and charities focused on devising strategies that will help smokers get off from their unhealthy habit. Among the most […]

5 Common Mistakes Smokers Do When Quitting

Quitting for smokers is not an easy thing to do. The years of smoking had brought so many changes in a smoker’s body. Many have tried but only few were successful. The low success rate of most smoking cessation treatments can be attributed to two things – first, is chronic nicotine addiction and second, is […]

Going Through “Hell Week”

Beating the Odds on Your First Smoke-Free Weekend The first week of smoking cessation is usually referred to as “HELL WEEK”. Most smokers will tell you that there’s really no other word that can best describe it but hell. The feeling is cause by the intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings one feels for the first […]