Smokers Can Quit With the Help of Text Messages

A number of recent studies have shown that smokers who are trying to quit can be greatly aided by supportive text messages. Mobile phones have become such a huge part of our lives to the point that they are now being successfully as a smoking-cessation aid. Dr. Pamela Brar a La Jolla, Calif. Private Practice […]

Quitting For Good – Do It the Right Way

Whether you are only a few months in smoking or you have been smoking for half your life; quitting smoking is tough. When you make the decision to quit, you are one step closer to breaking the addiction and reclaiming your body from the adverse effects that come with long term smoking. The next task […]

5 Ways to Feel Better When You Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is lifetime process that requires not only your desire to completely give up cigarettes but also your full commitment and unwavering determination to remain smoke-free. And when you decide to stop smoking, you need to endure the side effects associated with quitting tobacco. From the first day you stopped lighting up you may […]

8 Steps to Follow When Making an Action Plan to Quit Smoking

One of the keys to quit smoking success is preparation. If you’re thinking about ditching the habit, you may benefit from creating an action plan. A quit plan keeps you more focused on your goal and helps you deal with the challenges that come your way. It also improves your chances of quitting smoking for […]