Liraglutide, Semaglutide, and Other-glutides for Weight Loss

Imagine waking-up with a smile on your face. All because you found that thing. That thing that lets feel great and look fantastic. All in a bottle that you would only need to take one a month, one a week or once a day. Researched and developed in the 1990s for diabetes (Liraglutide, Semaglutide, and […]

7 Strategies to Avoid Overeating When Quitting Smoking

Many smokers don’t want to quit because they are afraid that they will gain extra weight. This myth has been circulating for the past years despite the lack of scientific evidence suggesting a causal effect between smoking and weight gain. While cigarette smoking provides metabolic boost, its effects are temporary, and over time, it destroys […]

The Two Presidents – Barack Obama Quits Tobacco Smoking

Here are two pictures of the president taken a few months apart- As you know the president has been struggling with quitting smoking. And I think these pictures speak volumes about the effects of smoking on the president. In one photo he looks vibrant and healthy and, on the other he looks sickly. In one […]

Quit Smoking – Take Out The Trash

I met a patient last week who impressed me. She was a mother and wife who quit a pack and a half a day habit cold turkey. Now if you are reading this blog you know how impressive it is to quit a pack and a half habit cold turkey. It’s tough. Nevertheless she did […]