Are You a Smoking Mom? Here are Some Serious Risks You Face

Smoking is very dangerous to the health of the smoker and the second-hand smokers, how great risk it could be when smoking occurs during pregnancy? As everyone knows that smoke addiction doesn’t choose age, gender, life status, or even medical condition. Smoking is highly addictive and as well as extremely dangerous especially to expectant mothers […]

5 Ways How Women Can Successfully Quit Smoking

Stress and weight management are two of the most common reasons why it is difficult for women to quit smoking. To some women, smoking helps them control their weight. Also women who are stressed are more likely to experience a relapse. Statistics suggests that most female smokers light cigarettes to manage stress.  This is the […]

5 Harmful Effects of Smoking to Women’s Health

Women who smoke, irrespective of their age, are at risk of illnesses that are not only harmful to their health but also to the health of people around them. If you’re planning to quit, or still looking for reasons to quit, below are 6 harmful effects of smoking on women’s health that you should know.