Quit Smoking – Just Do It

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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The 3 Week Diet

Have you been thinking about quitting? Well good for you-you have already begun the quitting process. I say “process” because giving up cigarettes is sometimes more than something you “just do” using willpower.

You need to know


  • why you want to do it,
  • set a quit date,
  • quit,
  • BE HAPPY and maintain a smoke-free life.

Why is Motivation so Important?

Quitting smoking requires effort. Besides the initial physical withdrawal from nicotine, you have to figure out how you will relax, focus, energize, and socialize without having a smoke. When you are feeling challenged or tempted to smoke you can remember your motivation- why you dislike smoking? And carry-on your positive vision of a smoke-free life.


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