Smoking is an Independent Risk Factor for Severe Anxiety

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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Dr. Howell

Smoking is a disease creating habit. Heart disease, emphysema, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, breast cancer, strokes and more and more diseases are added everyday…The latest are ANXIETY disorders.

There is the common assumption that smoking relieves anxiety. When actually the opposite is true, smoking is a risk factor for severe anxiety.

Nicotine withdrawal cause one to feel jittery and smokers confuse this feeling with being nervous or stressed. So they smoke to “calm their nerves.” But what they are really doing is giving themselves another nicotine hit. The shakiness goes away just as an addict who satisfies a craving. And a vicious cycle is created.

There is hope however, the fact is the withdrawal last only a few days. Just a few days and then they are gone. An obstacle but not a formidable one. The key is just KNOWING a way to outlast it and BANG you are free.

To your success,
Dr. Howell

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