Stigmatizing Smoking Makes Quitting Harder, New Study Finds

Anti-smoking campaigns may actually have the opposite effect to people trying to quit, suggests a new study. The reason being is that stigmatizing smoking makes some people angry and defensive, and the negative messages could therefore lead to poor self-esteem.

Quit Smoking: How to Increase Your Chance of Success

There are several ways to help you quit smoking. Some professionals would recommend the use of pharmacological products to help wean off your nicotine dependence, others would simply recommend that you get a good support group or a smoking cessation program. And to make it more confusing, there are studies that claim that one is […]

The ‘Quit’, The Withdrawal Symptoms, And You

The Big Quit Quitting smoking is a big step towards a healthier life that requires not only a strong will but as well as tremendous efforts to stay quit. The different nicotine withdrawal symptoms bring great discomfort to the person trying to quit. It peaks on the first weeks but slowly weans down as the […]

Why Is It So Hard to Quit Smoking? Top 10 Reasons

Every day, thousands of people attempt to quit. Unfortunately, only a very few succeed. Despite the numerous treatments available today, why is it so hard to quit smoking? Here are the top 10 reasons why: