Psychological Addiction to Smoking

Whenever you buy cigarettes, you always see a label telling you that smoking is dangerous to health. You are not stupid. You are completely aware of it. You know that it causes cancer, heart disease, stroke and all other kinds of diseases. You also know that smoking takes off plenty of years from your lifespan.

9 Facts about Cigarettes and Nicotine That You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you still smoking despite knowing how much harm you stand to gain from cigarettes? The fact is that it is hard to quit smoking, but the sobering fact is that with every cigarette you light up you are causing more harm to your body. It is important to keep reminding yourself what harm you […]

Quit Smoking – Is Lack of Willpower The Reason You Failed?

So you decided to finally quit. Morning came and you felt confident you would succeed. You stuck a patch on and went to work. You made it through the day without a smoke. But you felt a little bored and anxious at times. And by lunch time the following day you just cracked and had […]

Top 5 Psychological Effects of Nicotine

The psychological effects of nicotine are directly related to how this addictive substance damages the brain. Many people think that smoking improves certain mental functions, such as concentration and focus. This is because cigarettes are stimulants. They cause a sudden surge in the endorphin levels, which lead to a heightened feeling of alertness. However, this […]