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The Four Pillars of Quitting Smoking

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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The four pillars of quitting smoking: 1. Talk to Quitters. Most non-smokers will tell you it took them several tries to actually stop smoking for good, so don’t let yourself become discouraged. Stick with it, keep trying, and never, ever give up! 2. Talk to your doctor. This may be old advice but it’s good […]

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If I was asked what is the best way to quit smoking. I would say – the cold turkey approach. If I was to be asked what is the worst method to quit – then anything that involves quitting in the future. The best time is always now. If someone asked me what is the […]


About 90 percent of successful quitters used individual methods to quit smoking rather than organized quit smoking programs. Most of these smokers who quit on their own used a “cold turkey” approach.1 The best way to quit smoking is to stop smoking completely—not even a puff. Get rid of your cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, or any […]

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