Quit Smoking – When You Are Ready To Quit.

Maybe you are feeling a little nervous about quitting smoking. Maybe like most smokers the thought of stopping fills you with panic. And maybe, just maybe you have every intention of quitting one day but today is not that day. Guess what you are right! Because no one can make you quit if you are […]

This Video Helped 1000s To Quit Smoking For Good (55 seconds)

Life is such a wonderful thing to have. Do not throw it away to cancer This video is less than a minute long but very powerful. Herein is the motivation to write THIS blog, and to answer the plea for help. The emotional key that imprisons is also what sets us free. Have a listen […]

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Psychiatric Disorders Reported on Chantix“: Just to add, my brother had horrible side effects with Chantix and drinking. He blacked out twice, once at the table during dinner at a fancy establishment – once while driving. Be safe and watch the people carefully that you love […]