Quit Smoking – Overcoming your Triggers

Here are a few things you will learn to overcome without smoking as you read this blog: Boredom Anxiety/Stress Cravings Being near other smokers Some of these can easily be overcome. Boredom can be overcome by keeping busy. Stress and Anxiety can be overcome by doing exercise (I found this to help greatly). You also […]

Quit Smoking – Preparing To Quit Is Stupid

Preparing to quit is stupid. You don’t prepare to quit. That is like saying I will prepare to breathe. One just breathes. Plain and simply, you don’t need to be prepared to do it. Quitting smoking is a natural act. We are not born with a cigarette in our mouths. We simply decide we are […]


Become a high energy person without cigarettes. Relax and enjoy the pleasure of relaxation without cigarettes. Deal with your tensions without a cigarette. Deal with psychological dependence. Deal with chemical dependency on nicotine. Keep your hands busy fighting boredom. [widget id=”related_widget-1256023952″]Related Widget[/widget]