How Give Up Smoking Today Without Willpower

First of all it is not possible to quit without some willpower. I am not going to lie to you and say that you can because you cannot. You may be seduced by the liars, charlatans and snake oil salesman out there with promises of something for nothing but you will not read that crap […]

Tax Time Could Be Happy Time For Smokers

As April 15th approaches you may feel a sinking feeling in your stomach. But if you saved the money spent on tobacco for a year you could pay-off your taxes and even have money left over. If you don’t believe me take a look here.

Class Action Suit Against Pfizer and Chantix?

My daughter tried to commit suiscide after taking this drug for a very short time. She has no insurance and now has a significant hospital bill. Was there a class action suit filed against Phizer for allowing this drug on the market? -jalexander

Every Puff Is Harmful

A common reply I get when I ask patients about smoking is: “I hardly do it”. “I smoke occasionally”. “I just smoke socially”, etc. It’s like they are ashamed and are trying to tell me that they are aware of the harmfulness of smoking. But that they are NOT “heavy smokers”. According to the surgeon […]