5 Major Diseases Caused by Smoking

There are so many diseases caused by smoking. And there’s no doubt about this. Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that destroy cells and weaken your immune system, making your body vulnerable to illness. Today, let’s tackle some of the major, life-threatening diseases that are caused by smoking.

Does Smoking Calm The Nerves?

Smoking is a disease creating habit. More and more diseases caused by smoking are piled on everyday. The latest are anxiety disorders. There is the common assumption mostly by smokers that the act of smoking relieves anxiety. When actually the opposite is true, smoking is a risk factor for severe anxiety. Believe it or not […]

Case of the Day

A 35-year-old woman visits the clinic with complaint of difficulty swallowing liquids and solids. There is also a mild chest pain on swallowing foods. She sometimes wakes up in the morning with coughing and brings up undigested food on the pillow. Her symptoms began about 3 months ago and have slowly progressed over time. She […]