With the rising concern about the health effects of cigarettes, more and more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. These battery-powered cylinders deliver nicotine with a puff of hot gas, minus the smoke. The easy way to —> Harnessing Motivation to Quit Smoking

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Plus 5 Proven Strategies to Help You Quit E-cigarettes have made a big splash recently, with celebrities and famous personalities spotted puffing these battery-powered smoking devices anywhere – in restaurants, television shows, movies, and so on. Many people believe that the cure for nicotine addiction has finally arrived. But according to a new study published […]

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If you could remember, 3 or 5 years ago, e-cigarettes look so uncommon and you seldom see them in public. But now, you see them almost everywhere. You see them in malls, in coffee shops, even in movie theaters! And mind you, even in planes, people use electronic cigarettes. It has given smokers the power […]

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In 2007, electronic cigarette was launched to the US market. It was offered as an alternative to tobacco. Instead of the tobacco leaves, e-cigarettes use liquid nicotine. Without tobacco, its proponents believe the e-cigarettes offer many great benefits compared to that of the regular cigarettes. However, experts are in doubt whether these reports are true. […]

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