‘Great American Smokeout’ to Kick Butts Tomorrow (5 Quit Tips from the Experts)

Each year, smokers throughout the nation who think about ditching their unhealthy habit join the ‘Great American Smokeout’. Many of them choose this day as their quit smoking date, with hope of becoming cigarette-free for the rest of their lives. This annual activity is spearheaded by the American Cancer Society, and is held every third […]

History of Tobacco (part 2)

1953 Dr. Ernst L. Wynders finds that putting cigarette tar on the backs of mice causes tumors. January 1964 Dr. Luther L. Terry, U.S. Surgeon General issues the first warning on the link between smoking and lung cancer. 1965 Congress requires warning labels on cigarettes. 1967 The Federal Trade Commission rules that the Fairness Doctrine […]