10 Quit Smoking Tips – It’s Never To Late

Ask ten smokers why they smoke and most of them will tell you “I don’t know” or “I just find it enjoyable”. In order to successfully quit smoking, you first want to know the real reason(s) why you continue to light up despite its nasty effects on your health. The old-fashioned concept that smoking is […]

If you really want to quit smoking?…

…write down the reasons WHY? Take your time and really think about this. Reasons such as: – my kids. Or… – the price. Or… – I just wanted to. May be true however you need to be more specific. A good why? Is very personal and unique to each person. To some their why? may […]

Quit Smoking – Be Fearless

You already know you want to quit because of the danger, because of the needless expense and because it is wasteful and useless. Yet you tried and failed, tried and failed and you can’t seem to kick-the-habit. The good news is that you will succeed. The bad news is that you will probably become demoralized […]

Quit Smoking – Putting Your Hand to Your Face Theory

If you smoke 20 cigarettes or a pack daily, you are putting your hand to your mouth at least 200 times a day. This is the reason some people claim the oral fixation theory. I don’t buy it really. As a habit we put our hands to our face daily anyway. If you feed the […]