Cigarette Maker Agrees That Their Product is Lethal

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]”Philip Morris USA agrees with the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers. Smokers are far more likely to develop serious diseases, like lung cancer, than non-smokers. There is no safe cigarette.” -From Phillip Morris USA From the National Cancer Institute: […]

10 Great Reasons to Quit Smoking for the New Years

Here they are – 10. You can save money. 9. You won’t have to freeze your butt off trying to smoke on your breaks at work. 8. Your car, clothes, hair, house, breath … just about everything … will smell better. 7. Your friends and family will stop nagging you to quit. 6. You can […]