Abnormal Laboratory Values Observed by Individuals on Chantix

Abnormal Laboratory Values Reported on Chantix The following are list of abnormal laboratory values observed by individuals on Chantix: (This list is not exhaustive).[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget] Frequent: Abnormal liver function test, Increased weight. Infrequent: Abnormal Electrocardiogram (EKG), Increased Muscle enzymes, Abnormal Urine analysis (UA).

“How long does it take Chantix to clear my system?”

[widget id=”ad_unit-16″]ad_unit-16[/widget][widget id=”ad_unit-13″]ad_unit-13[/widget]This is the top (or very close to the top) question I get from readers regarding Chantix. The first piece of information you need to know is what is the half-life of Chantix? A half-life is the amount of time it takes your body to eliminate one half of a substance. For example […]