Abnormal Laboratory Values Observed by Individuals on Chantix

Abnormal Laboratory Values Reported on Chantix The following are list of abnormal laboratory values observed by individuals on Chantix: (This list is not exhaustive).[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget] Frequent: Abnormal liver function test, Increased weight. Infrequent: Abnormal Electrocardiogram (EKG), Increased Muscle enzymes, Abnormal Urine analysis (UA).

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Will Chantix Give You Thoughts of Killing Yourself?

Are you worried that Chantix would make you suicidal? Is the idea of Chantix giving you thoughts of killing yourself keep you up at night? This is the single most important question a person needs to know before taking Chantix (varenicline). Let me answer the question in two parts: 1) Firstly for most people the […]

Nicotine is an Anti-Depressant

Are you depressed? You can take the Beck Depression Inventory Test to find out if you are depressed. Finding out – Why you smoke?.. is a crucial step in quitting. Many heavy smokers self-medicate themselves with nicotine. When that is the case it is better to find out and seek treatment for depression. And consequently […]

Chantix Saves Lives

According to the American Cancer Society, “Tobacco is already the single greatest cause of preventable death in the world.” In the United States, an estimated 44.5 million adults smoke cigarettes, and more than 8.6 million of them have at least one serious illness caused by smoking. Chantix and Pfizer provide an effective method to increases […]

Can Chantix Cause Liver Injury?

[widget id=”ad_unit-13″]ad_unit-13[/widget]A temporary elevation of of liver function enzymes such as the aminotransferase levels (ALT and AST) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) have been reported in some patients using CHANTIX with underlying liver disease such as alcoholic liver disease and/or hepatitis virus infections. These elevations are usually noticed after one month of treatment with Chantix (varenicline) […]