Quit Smoking – Plan Before You Quit Smoking

Whether you’re going to stop naturally (or cold turkey) which I recommend or using medication of some sort. It’s important that you stay focused and plan before you quit smoking. There is a lot you can do  ahead of time to help yourself quit smoking, you just need to look around you to find the […]

Quit Smoking and Skateboarding Similarities?

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]So you’ve finally made the decision to quit smoking and this time you mean business. Well if so let me tell you what you need to do to prepare and to keep on the track. You can think of quitting as being a lot like learning to ride a skateboard. You learn balance and […]

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Psychiatric Disorders Reported on Chantix”: My husband has experienced horrible psychiatric side effects after taking Chantix. I love him but I had to leave him because he was beating me and I couldn’t take it anymore. He wasn’t sleeping and just acting odd. He was driving […]

Quit Smoking – Shari’s Chantix Testimonials

“Chantix is a wonderful drug for me. I have had nausea, however, it’s nothing that would make me stop taking it. One thing that I’ve noticed though is you can’t depend solely on this medication to do all the work. It really helps you but you still have to want this for ‘you’.” ~Shari~ [widget […]

Quit Smoking – How Do You Take Zyban?

First as determined by your healthcare provider. Usually you start the medication one to two weeks prior to your quit date. You can begin with a dose of 150mg every morning for about 3 days, then increase to 150mg twice a day for the duration of your treatment. [widget id=”related_widget-1256023952″]Related Widget[/widget]

Chantix Testimonal From Smoke Free for 4.5 Months

I used chantix for 6 weeks starting in August. I have been a little irritable, but I don’t relate it to taking chantix. I think it is just a problem with not smoking. I think sometimes we like to blame things because someone has a theory that it was caused by a new medication. Everyone […]